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red green hulk

Today Arris, tells you which Hulk is stronger, the Red or Green! **New Episodes Every Wednesday. Subscribe: Vlogs: com/channel/UCF_H. If Hulk in a "calm" state can lift tons, the Rulk can lift tons. However, Green Hulk gains strength over time while Red Hulk keeps his strength the  How did Green Hulk lose to the Red Hulk? - Hulk. Now can Rulk match World Breaker Hulk? Ross himself was injured in the ensuing conflict. Hell Hath No Fury… 9. X Monty X Follow Forum Posts: Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Comic Vine users. He defeated every challenger in his path — both gods and monsters. Ross made an alliance with both the Abomination and MODOK to eliminate his archenemy. red green hulk


JUGGERNAUT vs Red Hulk vs HULK TRANSFORMATION (Hot Green Hulk) LEGO Marvel Super Heroes


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